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Care Team Member Spotlight: Jordan Vinson

March 18, 2021

We are proud to highlight Jordan Vinson MBA, MSN, LNHA, Executive Director at Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation. Jordan is an outstanding administrator with over 15 years of experience in nursing and administration. 

“I go to work everyday with a purpose. We change lives and make life better through quality care. Residents rely on us and it’s encouraging to know we can make a difference.”

Starting out as an RN in 2006, Jordan worked at a local hospital and then in a nursing home on the rehab-to-home team. She immediately loved working in long-term care! What does she most enjoy about it? 

“My favorite part is the connections that you make with the residents. In long-term care, you have a huge opportunity to connect with people, and to make a difference, and feel like you have a purpose.”  

Jordan’s passion, work ethic, and sense of purpose helped her thrive. As an RN, her career journey included roles as staff development coordinator, unit manager, and director of nursing. Over time, she became interested in the operational side and became an administrator in 2014.

“As the administrator, you really have your hand in everything that happens at the facility, every department. You’re following up with the department heads, and just making sure that the residents have the best experience possible and that they’re receiving quality care.”

Two words come to her mind when it comes to her team at Greenville Nursing Rehab: Resilience and Dedication.

“We have so many dedicated care team members that just legitimately care. I couldn’t do my job at all if it wasn’t for the team that’s here. From department heads to the care team members, nursing, dietary, housekeeping, maintenance, and therapy, they all just go above and beyond. We’re very blessed here.”

Thank you Jordan for your leadership and dedication to families, residents, and our Care Team!