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Success Story: Belinda Rose

October 17, 2023

Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation is excited to share resident Belinda Rose’s Success Story!

Ms. Belinda Rose is one of Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation’s long-term care residents who admitted in February 2017. She has received skilled physical and occupational therapy throughout her time with us here due to increased weakness, limited independence with self-care needs, and balance issues. Each time, she has consistently demonstrated significant progress and has been able to return to her prior level of function.

Ms. Belinda is an outgoing and friendly lady who is always available to talk to her fellow residents and Care Team. She enjoys participating in the morning coffee social, attending Bingo, and all other community activities, so it is important we keep her as strong and independent as possible.
We are incredibly happy to have Ms. Belinda here at Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation and we can always count on Belinda to make us laugh and smile!