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Success Story: Belinda Rose

March 14, 2023

Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation is excited to share resident Belinda Rose’s Success Story!

Ms. Belinda Rose has been a long-term Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation resident since February 2021. She is a very active and social lady who loves participating in all community activities and parties. She is a very “independent” person who likes to have as little help as possible with transfers and activities of daily living. She required hospitalization in November and when readmitted from the hospital, required increased assistance due to decreased muscle strength. Ms. Rose preferred participating in only one skilled service at a time and first participated in physical therapy. She demonstrated significant progress and regained her strength and endurance for transfers! Ms. Rose then participated in skilled occupational therapy, where she would gladly come 5 times per week and demonstrated significant progress. After experiencing a great deal of progress in strength and improvement in her independence again, she was recently discharged from therapy! We are happy to see Ms. Rose back to her prior level of function and be able to be her social and active self again. Congratulations to Ms. Rose and her Care Team on their success!