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Success Story: Diana Grayson

November 20, 2023

Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation is excited to share resident Diana Grayson’s Success Story!

Mrs. Diana Grayson “Tiny” lived at home with her husband before a fall that left her with a broken left hip and left shoulder. Tiny was admitted to Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation in July for rehabilitation and has worked extremely hard over the last few months with our therapy team. She never missed a session; she was always willing to participate. Tiny enjoyed socializing with her fellow residents and Care Team members, many she already knew and always enjoyed talking about her husband and grandchildren. Tiny stated on day one that her main goal was to return home to her husband and grandchildren.

Upon admission, she required moderate to maximum assistance for most tasks. In October, Tiny reached her goal of returning home to her husband and spending time with her grandchildren! She is returning home walking with a walker, able to complete steps and completing her activities of daily living with very minimum assistance. It was a pleasure working with such a sweet, determined, and friendly woman. We wish Tiny the best of luck and will miss her dearly!