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Success Story: Lois Woodall

April 25, 2023

Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation is excited to share resident Lois Woodall’s Success Story!

Ms. Lois Woodall was admitted to Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation after a left-toe amputation. Upon admission, Ms. Woodall was unable to bare full weight on her left leg, causing increased difficulty with transfers. She struggled with ambulation and completing her activities of daily living. She received skilled physical and occupational therapy to address her functional decline to return home to live with her husband. While at Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation, she had a few setbacks due to vitamin deficiency and required several infusions. Ms. Woodall did not let this deter her from her goal and she was always ready and motivated to participate in her skilled therapy, participate in facility activities, and enjoy socializing with fellow residents. She has demonstrated excellent progress, and at discharge, she completed her transfers and ambulation utilizing a rolling walker with only supervision. She was discharged home and was given a “Red Carpet” send-off. Congratulations to Ms. Woodall and her Care Team on their success!