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Success Story: Mabel Weddington

February 17, 2023

Greenville Nursing & rehabilitation is excited to share resident Mabel Weddington’s Success Story!

Ms. Mabel Weddington was admitted to Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation in May 2020 as a long-term care resident. She is a 99 year old who required full care and assistance from our Care Team for self-feeding and had a decline to where she was averaging only twenty-five percent or less of her meal intake of pureed foods and thickened liquids. After being assessed by our therapy department, Ms. Weddington demonstrated a good response to speech therapy. She has had her diet upgraded to thin liquids and is even able to safely eat soft snacks! She is also able to participate in feeding herself again. Her meal intake has increased significantly, which has helped with her overall quality of life. Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation strives to support our residents, like Ms. Weddington, in achieving their highest quality of life.