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Success Story: Phillip Buchanan

November 24, 2021

Greenville Nursing & Rehabilitation is proud to recognize resident Phillip Buchanan’s Success Story!

Anyone who visits our community is no stranger to Phillip Buchanan. He is often the first one in the lobby each day to greet visitors and our many Care Team members as they arrive for their shifts. Phillip has been a long-term resident for almost a year now. He enjoys making his rounds every day and visits often with us, as well as spending time going from room to room handing out snacks, and visiting with his fellow residents. Phillip always takes the time to brighten everyone’s day as part of his routine.

The thing he loves most about Greenville Nursing & Rehab is the people. Phillip said that we really make it feel like home here. Some of Phillip’s favorite activities are exercising, painting, reading the Harry Potter novel series, and decorating. We are proud to have our friend, Phillip Buchanan with us. We hope you all will stop by to meet him and visit with all of our residents soon!