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Success Story: Phyllis Allen

July 31, 2023

Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation is excited to shine the spotlight on resident Phyllis Allen’s Success Story!

Ms. Phyllis Allen was admitted to Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation on May 31st of this year after a recent stay in the hospital with encephalopathy. Upon admission, Ms. Allen required extensive assistance with her transferring and walking, decreased endurance and muscle strength, required assistance with self-care tasks, and a severe decline in cognition.

Ms. Allen was very motivated to return home, where she lived independently on one level of her son’s home. Ms. Allen received skilled physical, occupational, and speech therapy during her short stay with us at Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation. Ms. Allen also enjoyed socializing with fellow residents and enjoyed attending therapy sessions. Ms. Allen received skilled therapy for only 20 days, and she demonstrated great progress because of her hard work, determination, and motivation to return home. Ms. Allen was discharged to home on June 20th, where she was at the prior level of function she needed to live independently. Congratulations to Ms. Allen and her Care Team on their success!