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Success Story: Randy Markham

April 29, 2023

Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation is excited to highlight resident Randy Markham’s Success Story!

Mr. Randy Markham has been a long-term Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation resident since May 2021. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys participating in community activities. He loves to have fun, and loves good food. He enjoys being mobile in his wheelchair, going around the community and talking to caregivers and fellow residents. In the middle of December, Mr. Markham was diagnosed with COVID-19 and experienced and medical decline. He lost interest in talking to fellow residents and required increased assistance with self-feeding, required to thicken liquids. With his functional decline, he could not transfer and propel himself in his wheelchair.

Therapy evaluated Mr. Markham and devised and planned to address his decline so he could return to his prior level of function. With much encouragement and his participation in therapy, he can now perform self-feeding with set-up help only and is back on a regular liquid consistency. He can complete functional transfers with limited assistance and walk with someone assisting him utilizing a rolling walker. Mr. Markham can also propel himself within the community independently and visit with his fellow residents and caregivers, and at times you can hear him even singing! Congratulations to Mr. Markham and his Care Team on their success!