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Success Story: Robin Slaton

July 6, 2023

Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation is excited to shine the spotlight on resident Robin Slaton’s Success Story!

Ms. Robin Slaton was admitted to Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation in March after an extensive hospital stay in critical condition. When Robin was first admitted, she could not transfer out of bed, stand, or walk and needed help with most of her activities of daily living. She could not swallow solid foods and required a puree diet. Robin’s goal was to return home with her husband, and she had family and friends cheering her on throughout her stay!

Robin is a very friendly, caring person who enjoys socializing with fellow residents and participating in facility activities. She worked with physical, occupational, and speech therapy and was motivated to participate even when she was not feeling well or emotionally having a bad day. She worked hard each day and was able to regain her ability to eat regular foods again. When the day came for her to discharge, she was walking with a walker, transferring with minimal assistance, and able to attend to her daily tasks! Because of her determination and hard work, Robin was able to meet her goal and was discharged back home with her husband in May! Congratulations to Robin and her Care Team on their success!